In the competence field of metal and building services, we let the sparks fly for you. Here you will find everything for your trade, regardless of whether you are a locksmith, metalworker, steelworker, machine builder or vehicle builder, or whether you take care of professional installations in the area of sanitation, heating, air conditioning or electrics.

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Oscillating tools

Our oscillating tools offer many application possibilities such as sawing, grinding, cutting, scraping, rasping, recessing and filing. These professional all-rounders are ideal for precise work and are used in various industries and trades.

With the Multi-Cutter and the matching oscillating tools, you can cut, sand, scrape and saw a wide variety of materials. The motor sets the attachment into a fast, oscillating back and forth movement called oscillation.

Thanks to this movement, the Multi-Cutter can make precise and controlled cuts in various materials such as wood, metal, plastic and tiles, even in hard-to-reach areas. This allows you to easily remove a damaged area without having to redesign the entire wall.

Power with system

With the new power tools, we are a proud partner of the AMPShare by Bosch battery alliance. A single battery system that fits all compatible tools from FÖRCH. All batteries can be easily exchanged between the machines and fit into the same charger. Our claim: To make work in the workshop and on the construction site easier - so that you can put all your power into your project.

And the best: For all FÖRCH cordless power tools and the corded angle grinder, we offer you a three-year warranty without additional registration.

Mechanical photovoltaic mounting

Everything fixed with just a few clicks!

With the PV mounting products from FÖRCH, you get everything from a single source, from the roof hook to the mounting rail to the earthing accessories and the matching screws. Unlike comparable systems, the innovative mounting clip reduces the mounting of the PV module to the rail to just a few steps. In addition, the internal rail connection allows you to attach the centre clips at any position on the mounting rail. The very high corrosion resistance of all system components is guaranteed by the production from high-quality stainless steel or aluminium. We offer you solutions for all types of roofing with our substructure and our comprehensive dimensioning service.

Protection for extreme working conditions

We are constantly working on the further development of the ideal eye and face protection for all grinding and welding applications. In addition, we also focus on the highest possible wearing comfort, which is ensured, for example, by reducing the weight of the helmets or their multiple adjustment options.

In addition to our Comfort grinding helmet, which impresses as a lightweight with a 180° field of vision and adjustable air distribution in the forehead area, you can also experience our new Clear View welding helmets and the top model Clear View Panorama.

Both the face shield for grinding applications and all welding helmets are also available as air versions with fresh air supply. The fresh air system, available as an accessory, offers you maximum safety thanks to the integrated particle filter of the highest class - and reliably protects against smoke, aerosols, and dust.